madrasa Giuseppe Fanfoni

The Sunqur Sa’di Madrasa and the Mawlawi Museum

2002. 47 pages, colour and b/w;

text in english, arabic and italian (dim. cm 19×28).


mausoleo Giuseppe Fanfoni 

Recovery of the Mausoleum of Sunqur Sa’di and restoration of Mevlevi Takiyya

2009, 153 pages, 118 figures colour and b/w

text in italian (dim. cm 21×30)

€ 50,00

sama'khana Giuseppe Fanfoni

The Restoration of the Mawlawi Sama’khana in Cairo

2006, 88 pages, 85 figures

text in english, arabic and italian (dim. cm 23×32)


sama dvd

The Sama’ of the Mevlevi Derwishes in the Sama’khana in Cairo

A movie of Giovanni Canova, assembly by Francesco de Melis

The DVD presents a summary of the ceremony performed in Cairo Sama’khana by the “Konya Turkish Sufi Ensemble Musi” on October 18, 2002.

2005, approx.11 min.,

€ 6,00

sama'khana DVD

Geometrical Proportions of the Mevlevi Sama’khana in Cairo and Symbolical Aspects of the Sama’

DVD di Giuseppe Fanfoni

2006. approx. 9 min.


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