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Il socio Marco Palma

Il socio Marco Palma

Rome, June 20, 2015
CFPR-CIERA’s Executive Council communicates to all friends, with deep sorrow, the sudden death of  the member Marco Palma.
We have lost a dear friend and a valuable collaborator, always helpful and generous.
Marco Palma was an Health&Safety expert at the Italian National Research Council (CNR) and a restoration specialist at CIERA.



The exhibition “Restorations and Restorers”

edited by prof. Giuseppe Fanfoni
will be inaugurated on 19 March at 17:00 and
will be opened until March 27, 2015
from 10.00 to 16.30 Monday to Friday
Free admission
at Egyptian Cultural and Scientific Office
Via delle Terme di Traiano 13, Rome – ZIP Code 00184
Phone +39064872302
Facebook: ufficioculturalegizianoitalia

The training activities of the work-site school, illustrated in the exhibition, have allowed to specialize a huge number of Egyptian craftsmen, restorers and restoration professionals and to carry on, in cooperation with various Egyptian universities, many exercises for students and postgraduate thesis.

The exhibition shows the restoration of various monuments located in the area of the Centre, including the monastery with the sama’khana (the theater) of the Mevlevi derwishes and, in the underlying spaces set up to museum, the Sunqur Sa’di madrasa (the school of the mosque, 1315 AD) – brought to light by means of archaeological excavations -, representing for the area, together with the remains of older settlements, an extraordinary layering of historical and artistic treasures, dating from the seventh to the nineteenth century AD.

Poster of the exhibition
Invitation to the exhibition